precision mapping

for fruit production

Farm Vision is bringing precision agriculture to specialty crops.

Growers and marketers of tree fruits, berries and nuts rely on their best estimates of crop load and harvest yields to drive business decisions from growing to selling the crop. Those decisions determine the profitability of the farm and efficiencies of supply chains to consumers.

Advances in computer vision technology and artificial intelligence, led by researchers at the University of Minnesota, have made possible a new set of tools designed to assist growers with improved accuracy, confidence and reliability of their crop yield estimates.

Farm Vision Technologies exclusively brings these tools to solving the challenge of increasing accuracy of data collection in field settings. And the technology not only delivers best-in-class data accuracy, but it has been developed to grower specifications simple to utilize and easily integrated into current management activities.

Improved data accuracy improves business outcomes.

The FVT scanning system counts almost every visible fruit (shown here at 50% speed)
An accurate fruit count enables:
  • Highly predictive yield forecasts
  • Precision thinning and crop load management
  • Labor planning
  • Equipment investment and allocation
  • Sales and marketing excellence
An accurate size measurement allows:
  • Improved estimates of harvest yield
  • Insights into fruit grading and pricing
  • Informed decisions about processing and packaging
Sample fruit diameters (in mm) estimated by FVT system
Top-down map view displaying fruit density in an apple orchard
Precise location tracking enables:
  • High-resolution yield mapping and crop health monitoring
  • Feedback on field operations
  • Improved scheduling of processing
  • Improved management of packaging supplies

The Team


Patrick A. Plonski


Patrick has spent the last decade solving challenging estimation and planning problems in outdoor environments. He is excited to apply his expertise towards developing an impactful product for fruit growers. He holds a Computer Science PhD from the University of Minnesota.


I. Volkan Isler


Volkan is a professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota. As a cofounder and mentor, his role is to assist with research and development, and setting the strategic direction of the company.


Brian Dawn


Brian has degrees in Computer Science as well as Physics. In his career he's worked as a researcher, embedded firmware engineer, and backend web developer. At Farm Vision Brian solves whatever engineering problems need solving that day, whether it's programming, electronics, or designing 3d prints.


Scott Erickson

Business Development

Scott helps food producers solve problems with new ideas developed by his creative Farm Vision teammates. He has dedicated his career to commercializing technologies that improve farm profitability and sustainability. Scott holds degrees in international management and agriculture.


Tina Karimi

Senior Data Scientist

Tina is an agricultural engineer and data scientist who brings creativity and statistical order to analysis. She turns field data into knowledge that fruit growers use to improve their operations. Tina earned a PhD from Washington State University and comes to Farm Vision after a post-doctorate assignment at Cornell University.


James J. Luby

Horticultural/Agronomic Advisor

Jim is a professor of Horticultural Science at the University of Minnesota. He is well-known in the tree fruit and berry industries for innovations in plant breeding and genetics, and commercialization of new fruit varieties. He is the co-inventor of the Honeycrisp apple variety.


Donald Krantz

Business Advisor

Don has decades of experience leading fast-growing technology companies in the robotics and 3D printing sectors. He has held multiple c-suite roles including Chief Operating Officer of Proto Labs. He has a Ph.D. in Computer and Information Science from the University of Minnesota and has held previous positions at MTS Systems, Alliant Techsystems and Honeywell Defense Systems.

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